Abbess Instruments manufactures a large variety of vacuum systems. While our systems are often custom built, many of these systems can easily be repurposed for other projects.

We are currently accepting requests from our past customers to buyback their systems. If you have one of our systems that you would like to sell back to us, please contact us and we can discuss the process. We typically look at photos of the system in its use and current state to determine its buyback price.

All of our used systems are completely refurbished to like-new condition and have been tested to meet appropriate functionality and leak rate.

Below are the used systems we currently have in stock and that are ready to ship out immediately:

Looking for our standard economy chambers that are in stock and ready to ship? Click here.

For more economy chambers which can be made to order if not already in stock, click here.

For our low cost vacuum kits, perfect for home hobbyists, see our Complete Vacuum Desiccator/Degassing Chamber Kits.