Industry leaders and their planetary exploration missions continue to revolutionize our understanding of the origin and history of the Solar System. These missions continue to explore from the innermost planet, Mercury, to the outer reaches of the Solar System, where Pluto orbits. We have orbited and traversed the surface of Mars, finding evidence of liquid water and ancient habitable environments. Closer to home, many of these industry leading companies continue to expand what is possible with technology to detect, track, catalog, and characterize near-Earth objects (NEOs), which may pose hazards to Earth or provide destinations and resources for future exploration, and to investigate our exoplanet counterparts through comparative planetology.

To study the atmospheres of other planets and their moons, earthbound astronomers use a set of techniques called spectroscopy. Light is collected by a telescope and split into its component wavelengths, creating a spectrum. Patterns in the spectrum reveal detailed information about the composition, temperature, and motions of atmospheres millions to billions of miles away.

This is where Abbess comes in with our extensive knowledge and experience working side by side these industry leaders we have developed and created ground breaking systems that help understand and recreate these hostile planetary environments.

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