Abbess expertise with cascade refrigeration allows for seamless integration with any system.

Abbess brings a unique and innovative team approach to the challenges of temperature technology in a wide range of industries and applications. Our core team of engineers and technicians draws on extensive experience in the design and manufacture of systems for environmental simulation, experimental laboratory activities, and industrial process applications. Sensitive to end-user concerns about capacity, ramp rate, and temperature coherence.

Whether its development of a customized modular redundant refrigeration system for -96C cryo storage or the design and manufacture of robust and capacious deep temperature test systems for 6C/min profiling, Abbess is up to the task of bringing down the temperature.

What We Offer!

Minimum Temp.-96°C-40°C-9°C
Maximum Temp.200°C200°C68°C
Heating Capacity (W)3000W3000W

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Abbess Completed System with a PC, Chamber, and Snow River®

Abbess’s Snow River® Cascade Refrigeration Systems are the most powerful closed loop cooling systems that Abbess offers. These systems eliminate the high running cost of liquid nitrogen(LN2) systems by efficiently reaching temperatures as low as -96C. Our Cascade Refrigeration System can be configured to incorporate any thermal load including those offered by Abbess such as a thermal plate, finned heat exchanger or a recirculating thermal fluid.

Our Cascade Refrigeration Systems can be used for:

  • Thermal vacuum chambers
  • Satellite testing (space simulation)
  • Cold Traps
  • Environmental test chambers (with altitude, temperature, and humidity control)
  • Ultra-low temperature freezers
  • Lyophilizes (freeze dryers)
  • Lasers, NMRs, Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometers, cold traps, and other devices
  • Cryogenic storage
  • Bio storage (bio refrigeration)
  • DNA storage (sample preservation)
  • Forensic samples
  • Genetic sample storage (animal, plant, archaeological)

The Best of the Best!

The Abbess Instruments C80-6 Cascade chiller. This chiller consists of two refrigeration compressors working together to cool an evaporator to temperatures as low as -96C. The system uses refrigerant in one of the compressor loops to cool an inter-stage heat exchanger that is used to condense an ultra-low temperature refrigerant. The ultra-low temperature refrigerant is circulated by the second low stage compressor and vaporized in an evaporator to cool the given heat load. Our most common configuration involves the use of  a heat exchanger at the evaporator to cool a sealed bath of heat exchange fluid which can then be easily piped to the application’s heat load such as:

  • Thermal plates
  • Thermal shrouds
  • Cold fingers
  • Cold Traps
  • Storage coolers
  • Storage cabinets

If you require temperatures range doesn’t exceed -40C, check-out Abbess’s -40C Single-Stage chiller

Incorporation with one of our Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Our chillers refrigerators can be used in conjunction with our thermal vacuum systems to provide space simulation profiles or they can be customized to provide cooling for a variety of other applications such as medical storage and freeze drying. These systems are entirely customizable and can be sized to cool your product, environment or working fluid at various rates. Our refrigeration systems have been proven to be reliable and low maintenance with industry leading simulation systems for years and have earned a reputation for quality, performance, and control that is simply unmatched. Abbess also provides support both on-site and off-site for all of our refrigeration systems.

Flexible Control and Diagnostic Capabilities

Abbess offers a variety of control and diagnostic packages that can fit your specific application and budget. These control systems could be as basic as a simple thermostatic control or as advanced as a data logging touchscreen PC interface capable of integrated system diagnostics. Stand-alone PID Temperature controllers can also be utilized for simple, precise thermal control and profiling.

To get an accurate quote for the system you need fill out our RFQ or call today!