Over the years, Abbess has worked with thousands of companies, dozens of government agencies and laboratories in hundreds of industries to address testing, process, and production technical requirements. With this background, Abbess has developed a in-depth and practical expertise in vacuum and thermal technologies. Abbess brings that expertise to our customers through the instruments and systems we design. We not only design and manufacture these systems, we have also developed deep insights into their ultimate end use. From this body of experience, we stand ready to deliver technical consulting and services in the application of these technologies.

Technical Consulting and Services:

Abbess can help. If the customer has already defined a specific procedure, we will follow the customer’s directions. Our engineers are also happy to assist customers with defining and improving their tests or processes. We are able to provide the process and testing services on a service basis as well.

  • Vacuum
  • Control and data collection
  • Process:
    • Drying and Cleaning
    • Integrated Thermal Vacuum Systems, Vacuum and Thermal Bake-out
    • Degassing, casting, filling and impregnating
    • Product Testing (Medical Space-satellite, Altitude Leak testing, container integrity, Automative technology)
  • Operator Training
  • Calibration – Gauges (coming soon)
  • Field service for upgrading, repair and maintenance
  • Site visits for process and system assessment


So whether our customers are building and new system or process or improving an old one.   Abbess can help or handle the work, as the customer see fit for their situation.

Design, Manufacturing, commissioning, training, calibration, maintenance, all can be controlled and managed working with Abbess Instruments.