Our products serve a wide range of customers. Everyone from home hobbyists to government research facilities use our products. Whether one needs to fill a mold under vacuum for a casting of a garden gnome or testing spacecraft materials and systems in precise conditions similar to those from launch to deep space, we work with you to get a system for your specific needs.

There are five stages to our ordering process:

  1. Quotation
  2. Design & Definition
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Shipping & Receiving
  5. Training & Support

First step is the customer reaching out to us. Our marketing department helps customers to define the features and specifications of the product they need for their application. Almost all of our systems are custom made and derived from these discussions with the customer. Our mission is to create a system that works effectively and smoothly for each customer.

The customer then receives the quotation and works with us to make sure it is exactly what they are looking for. At this stage, the budget and payment options are also discussed.

Following a purchase, our engineering department gets at work to design and define the specifics of the process.  The Quote/PO and subsequent Design Approval process employed by Abbess are intended to define the scope and configuration of the work to clearly define the details for customer review and approval. The design process can include a design of the system.

Once the design is defined and approved by the customer, the manufacturing process begins. The drawings and quote (we call this a “work order”) get sent down to the shop where our technicians get to work on turning the 2D plans into a 3D product. There are two main components to our build team: the mechanical technicians and the electrical/software technicians. Both are there to translate the customer’s vision and needs into a functioning system.

Before the system is considered complete, it goes through a series of tests. Depending on the system, RGA (residual gas analyzer) and leak testing may also be used to ensure the system is functioning properly. We make sure the product is fully working before it leaves our bay.

It then gets crated up and shipped out by a customer specified delivery company. With the product you’ll find a manual on how to operate your new system.

We are available to take calls to help customers with technical questions and issues. We also have training, on and off site, available.  Within the guidelines of your specific warrantee, we are also able to repair systems in the case that something goes wrong.