Q. Why don’t you list prices?

A. As Abbess offers so many custom vacuum chamber systems, it simply would not be possible for us to account for all the possible configurations. By filling out an online RFQ or talking to us over the phone, we are able to gauge what elements are necessary for your given system and then we can write up a quote.

Q. I need a standard stock vacuum chamber, without any modifications, very soon. What should I do?

A. If you need an expedited stock vacuum chamber, please call us as soon as possible. We keep a limited number of standard stock vacuum chambers in stock, so we cannot guarantee immediate availability online. However, if the chamber is in stock, we are usually able to ship it out within 24 hours upon completion of a credit card order.

Q. What comes on a standard stock vacuum chamber?

A. Two valves and an analog gauge are by default on a standard stock vacuum chamber. Cube vacuum chambers typically have ball valves, and round vacuum chambers typically have metering valves.If you do not have a vacuum pump already, you will need to buy one separately. We can work with you to determine the appropriate vacuum pump for your process.

Q. What information do you need to price electrical feed-thrus?

A. The more you can tell us about your process, the better we can help you to design your system. Here are just a few types of details you should provide us with: Number of wires, gauge of wires; number of conductors, type of conductors, frequency, voltage, amps, DC/AC, etc; types of mountings, connectors/flanges, etc.

Q. Do you rent chambers, or test customer processes?

A. No, we do not rent out vacuum chamber systems. If you only need a vacuum chamber system for short-term use, please keep in mind that we do run a buy-back program. Depending on the final condition of your system, we may be willing to buy the vacuum chamber back to refurbish and resell.

Q. Can you please send me drawings of your vacuum chambers?

A. Since our quotes are very detailed, we are often asked if we can then provide copies of our drawings as well. We do not provide drawings and schematics of our system until after an order has been placed. Once we have received a Purchase Order (PO), we may be able to share with you our design drawings for your information. If you would like to review the drawings of our vacuum chambers before we start assembling your system, we suggest that you ask for the “Design Approval” option in your quote.

DESIGN APPROVAL: Through this option, we provide the customer with a package of drawings and schematic plans that are protected under United States and International Copyright Laws. The customer/end user can then review the package and a detailed list of items and functions. Then, they can define any changes by marking up the drawings and communicate those changes to Abbess personnel. If the changes are needed and are not included in the initial PO, the charges related to them will be billed separately. Abbess will not start ordering parts or manufacturing until it receives the signed Final Design Approval from the customer. Failure to return design approval in a timely manner will result in a delay of delivery.