• Founded in 1986
  • Makes vacuum chamber systems with optional easy-to-use process control and data-logging resulting in improved test/processing quality and time. Our customers are small to large organizations with low vacuum degassing through to high vacuum space simulation applications.
  • Provides instruments and systems for science and industry:
    • Instruments and systems small to large in size, and simple to complex in specification & functionality
    • Some suitable for high-visibility applications
    • Range of control options
  • Custom instruments and systems for national labs, corporate research labs, and supported research projects to more than 100 universities.
  • Abbess supplies domestically and around the globe.


  • Wide range of skill sets:
    • Company President Geoffrey Zeamer – background in low temperature physics; worked with US Navy anti-submarine effort and at the Stanford University Low Temperature Physics Lab, as well as in particle and plasma physics.
    • With personnel holding PhDs in Math and in Applied Physics, experienced in Vacuum and Thermal Control Systems, Low Temperature Physics, Vacuum Systems, and Optical Space Instrumentation.
  • AutoCAD  and SolidWorks Department … works with customers in an incremental process during the Design Phase, to reach mutual understanding and agreement on the To-Be-Built system configuration.
  • Integrated shop floor … designed for rapid and controlled chamber assembly, integration, test, and shipping. State-of-the-art CNCs, extended-bed milling capability, and welding facilities.
    • Can handle (large) systems weighing in the order of 7000 lbs.
  • Working with ‘remote’ customers:
    • Abbess’ Tele/video conference capabilities are particularly useful for our remote customers, reducing their need to visit and thus minimizing their Travel & Living expenditures. Using Skype, Abbess is able to lead customers through their design documentation (by viewing our screens), and by linking to a mobile camera, Abbess can show the customer their product on the shop floor. (Unfortunately, working in this manner with International customers requiring ITAR licensing is not permitted.)
    • For customers with PC Touch Screen Packages that have been appropriately enabled, Abbess can offer post-delivery support by using Remote-In to run diagnostics and to perform software upgrades.

Standards & Certification

  • Products are compatible and compliant with a variety of ASTM standards
  • Products are consistent and compliant with engineering standards set out by ASME ‘s Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
  • All components with electrical functionality are UL and/or CE rated.
  • Customers may opt for a  UL508A  certified industrial control panel – an added cost
  • Customer may opt for ULFE (UL Field Evaluation) compliance verification service – an added cost. Note  that UL508A certification is NOT a prerequisite for  ULFE. ULFE verifies system compliance to installation site permit authority codes and requirements.



Abbess is a member of ASTM, AVS (American Vacuum Society), and the Cryogenic Society of America.