Economical Round Vacuum Chambers carefully crafted and keenly shaped to the task at hand.

Economy Round Vacuum Chambers In stock and available in 11 ID x 6" or 12"
Economy Round Vacuum Chambers, In stock and available in 11 ID x 6″ or 12″

Abbess round vacuum chambers are an apt solution for many of our customer’s system needs. The shape itself is economical in standard sizes and the geometry is well suited to processes like mixing or dispensing and tests and processes where observation is vital or desired.

Abbess economy round vacuum chambers are fabricated out of aluminum with a lift off clear acrylic lid allowing for a convenient top loading arrangement. Abbess round chambers are also available in clear acrylic chamber bodies for applications where full in-the-round observation of the Article(s) under test or chamber interior is needed.

As with all Abbess vacuum chambers, round vacuum chambers can also be custom configured in a side loading configuration.

Vacuum leak testing, degassing compounds, vacuum mixing/agitation: Abbess round vacuum chambers are proven solutions that match your task with the right geometry.

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Featured Products:

Digital VCC Controlled Low Vacuum Chamber

Digitally Controlled Low Vacuum Chamber for use in a variety of applications, including degassing

Stainless Steel 55 Gallon Drum Vacuum Chamber

55 Gallon Drum Vacuum Chamber

Scalable Industrial Degassing of compounds/substances in 55-gallon batches. Degassing and mixing of liquids under vacuum improves product quality and increases the efficiency of degassing and impregnating of substances.

Vacuum Pressing and Sealing in a Vacuum Chamber

Allows you to apply tons of force in a vacuum chamber.

clear round acrylic vacuum chamber

Acrylic Round Vacuum Chamber

A small, low cost, and clear, vacuum chamber

VE-11 Vacuum Chamber, Liquid Filling

Vacuum Liquid Filling (like inks), Encapsulation, Impregnation, Degassing Systems

Economy 5-Gallon Bucket, with Mixer

We designed a standard 5-gallon vacuum chamber mixing unit to streamline the ordering process. Mixing can greatly improve the degassing operation of almost all materials; it is a must for thicker materials like pastes and gels.

Economy Vacuum Chambers

This bench top sized vacuum chamber is designed to be a rugged production or testing unit. Some of our customers find this to be a practical size for use in vacuum degassing small batches of resins, epoxies,other liquids, or filling molds and other containers under vacuum.

Vacuum Chamber for Degassing and Mixing on a Cart

11 inch or 15 inch diameter by 6,12, 20, 24, 36 inch deep vacuum chamber with hose, vacuum pump, fittings, valves, and gauge

Custom Round Chambers and Systems

Some of our customers find this vacuum chamber to be a practical size and shape for use in vacuum degassing liquids and soilds, EMI and altitude testing electronics, research, and development.

Production Grade Degassing System

11 inch or 15 inch diameter by 6,12 or 20 inch deep vacuum chamber with hose, vacuum pump, fittings, valves, and gauge.

Large acrylic bell jar vacuum chamber

Bell Jar Replacement, Vacuum Chamber, No Glass

A heavy Acrylic vacuum chamber on a metal base plate, 11 inch, 15 inch, 24 diameters by 6,12 or 20 inch high

Medical Grade Vacuum Chambers

This chamber is used for vacuum drying samples and other material processing where temperature and time are critical.

High Vacuum Acrylic Bell Chamber

This Thermal Vacuum Chamber System allows items placed inside to be contained in a high vacuum environment to facilitate customer process production requirements . The entire thermal vacuum chamber system can be controlled manually, by starting/stopping the pump(s) and opening/closing valves.

 If you are looking for a glass bell jar replacement, see our clear acrylic rounds.

 If you need to side load your product into the chamber, our side loading cubes may be more appropriate.

Round Chamber Gallery

After more than 30 years of business, Abbess has designed and manufactured thousands of unique chambers to meet the needs of our customers. A few of our round chambers from the past few decades can be seen below. Your chamber could be next!