Optimize your impregnating, encapsulating and dosing production processes with Abbess Instruments vacuum degassing and filling chambers. Abbess Systems will reduce defect and processing time by eliminating moisture issues, air bubbles, and air cavities, and by automation (through controlling your process variables). We can take your product, in-situ, all the way from evacuation through to its cured state.

Abbess has solutions for your filling needs that ranging from simple, manual operations to more automated operations. A basic solution, a two-chamber system, will allow you to convey degassed material from the secondary chamber to the item being dosed in the main chamber as the process cycle dictates. This manual system can be upgraded to a semi-automated system by adding a Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC), which automates vacuum/hold/vent control functions via panel-mounted buttons and indicators.

Featured Products:

Vacuum Degassing and Oil Fill System

This double-chambered, semi-automated vacuum system allows for degas and Fill processing. (Thumbnail shown with analog VCC)

Robotic Vacuum Dispensing Chamber with Touch Screen Controller

Robotic interface allows custom and percise automation under vacuum

VE-11 Vacuum Chamber, Liquid Filling

Vacuum Liquid Filling (like inks), Encapsulation, Impregnation, Degassing Systems

Economy Vacuum Chambers

This bench top sized vacuum chamber is designed to be a rugged production or testing unit. Some of our customers find this to be a practical size for use in vacuum degassing small batches of resins, epoxies,other liquids, or filling molds and other containers under vacuum.

Large acrylic bell jar vacuum chamber

Bell Jar Replacement, Vacuum Chamber, No Glass

A heavy Acrylic vacuum chamber on a metal base plate, 11 inch, 15 inch, 24 diameters by 6,12 or 20 inch high

 If you would like to automate your filling process, take a look at our XY robotic dispensing systems.

 If you only need to degass your system after you have filled your product, check out our simple degassing kits.

 If you are filling your product with a mixed material, reference our Mixing chambers and consider mixing your material under vacuum as well.