thermal gas mix test chamber
Custom Thermal Gas Mix Test Chamber System

The Abbess Thermal Vacuum Custom Gas Mix System allows articles under test placed inside the chamber to be exposed to high vacuum pressure as well as various temperatures via a heated and cooled Main Thermal Plate Assembly. A secondary Platen allows for a separate source or radiative heat for the Customer’s planned experiments. Mass flow controllers are configured to mix six types of gases and capable of regulating the gas mixture flow into the chamber. A Touch Screen/PC GUI Thermal Vacuum Cycle Controller (TVCC) is used to control functions and log performance data. The TVCC enables system control via panel-mounted switches and indicators and by a Touch Screen PC with a user-specific Graphical User Interface (GUI).

All operations can be managed by the Abbess PC/Touch Screen GUI Controller

The Custom Touch Screen/PC GUI Controller manages Turbo Pumping Speed and Gate Valve Manifold Configuration, as well Thermal Platen Temperatures and Gas Mixture and Mass Flow into the Chamber via Mass Flow Control Manifold. Data monitoring and logging is custom configured to the specific experimental concerns of the end user process scientists.

An array of Gas Mass Flow Controllers, a plenum manifold and a combination of UHV right angle valves enable the operator to combine up to six different source gases in a custom mixture and administer these gases in a range of process pressure regimes.

Evacuation of the Chamber is via Gate Valve Manifold which allows for full segregation of the Chamber, evacuation by mean of turbo molecular pump backed by a dry scroll pump, and separate maintenance of deep vacuum by an Ion Pump, required of specific vibration sensitive experiments and processes. The Manifold enables the operator to configure the pumping to the specific needs of the given experiment.

Gas Mass Flow Controllers
Gas Mass Flow Controllers

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