Depending on availability, next day service available. If accessories or modifications are needed, please discuss options with us when placing your order or submitting an RFQ. These chambers may also be purchased directly through our online store – Abbess Online.

For the past 30 years,  we have had customer after customer come back and adapt their chambers for their current needs. The ability for these chambers to be modified and reused after decades in the field is possible due to our focus on utilitarian design and durable manufacturing of our standard chambers.

Please contact Abbess to confirm the current stock availability.

14″Stainless Steel(1) 1/4-npt, (3) 1/2-npt, (3) 3/4-nptAcrylic
18″Aluminum(1) 1/4-npt, (3) 1/2-npt, (3) 3/4-nptAcrylic
18″Stainless Steel(1) 1/4-npt, (3) 1/2-npt, (3) 3/4-nptAcrylic
24″Aluminum(1) 1/4-npt, (4) 1/2-npt, (3) 3/4-npt, (1) 1-1/4-nptAcrylic
24″Stainless Steel(1) 1/4-npt, (4) 1/2-npt, (3) 3/4-nptAcrylic