11" x 6" chamber shown complete with 2 metering valves, gauge, filter and fittings, also with optional liquid feedthru for filling molds under vacuum.
11″ x 6″ chamber shown complete with 2 metering valves, gauge, filter, and fittings, also with optional liquid feedthru for filling molds under vacuum.

This benchtop sized vacuum chamber is designed to be a rugged production or testing unit. Some of our customers find this to be a practical size (11″ or 15″dia by 6, 12 or 20inch deep) for use in vacuum degassing small batches of resins, epoxies, other liquids, or filling molds and other containers under vacuum.

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These chambers are not cookware. We design rugged equipment with the best materials and true O-ring seals for continuous use, with safety and long life.

It is constructed of heavy aluminum alloy with a thick clear top. A customer replaceable O-ring door/lid seal is employed to withstand repeated closings. All chambers are capable down to 29.92 inches (Hg) or better (10-4 torr) dynamic vacuum, He leak tested (10-7 torr) if requested.

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  • Aluminum
Interior Dimensions:
  • Standard – 11 inch Inside Diameter X 6 inch Deep
  • Deep – 11 inch Inside Diameter X 12 inch Deep
  • The 5-gallon bucket size – 15 inch Inside Diameter X 20 inch DeepOther sizes includes:
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Included Features
  • Vacuum down to 29.92 inches (Hg) under dynamic vacuum
  • Vacuum Gauge with a dial registering 0 to 30″ of Hg and 0 to -100 kPa
  • A full diameter clear window for viewing
  • Vacuum connection, 1/4 nptf x 1/4 inch hose barb provides a quick connection to the vacuum pump (optional)
  • Vacuum ball valve for quick pump downs
  • Vacuum break needle valve and internal diffuser with muffler, provides controlled vacuum break
  • Mounting: 4 point feet, for stable operation
Optional Features/Items:XZAZZ_00052


  • Surfaces protected by PTFE non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • Liquid feed-thru for filling molds under vacuum
  • Heating systems consisting of an electric heater and temperature controller
  • Brackets to support trays or racks
  • Electronic vacuum sequencer and regulator with manual override
  • Vacuum sequence controller
  • Lights
  • Electronic feed-thru
  • Extra Handles
  • Mixers

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