Particularly useful for degassing, this chamber (in combination with our basic digital control box):

VCC Controlled LV Chamber
  • Prevents overpumping (e.g. boiling) of the product, by allowing the operator to limit the operational vacuum level (above that otherwise attained by unconstrained pumping).
  • Provides for an automated vent.
  • Allows for manual chamber ‘burping’ while the chamber is being pumped down to its setpoint.
  • Permits a manual vent in the event of a power outage.
  • Is rated for 10-4 Torr service.

A Digital VCC allows automatic digital vacuum cycle process control. The following is an example process enabled using our Basic Digital VCC:

  • Operator checks/selects soak time and vacuum setpoint, and presses ‘start’ to initiate automated process …
    • Chamber is evacuated to vacuum setpoint with LV pumping system
    • Operator may manually ‘burp’ the chamber before the chamber reaches setpoint.
    • Operator may manually input a second/third etc. setpoint once the previous setpoint has been reached. Subsequent setpoints must be in a sequence of increasing pressure so as NOT to reset the soaktime timer.
  • Chamber is held at vacuum setpoint for soak time, and then vented
    (Operator can manually override the vent)
  • Customisation of this basic process is available for a fee, which will include the price for additional or alternative hardware if required.


  • Chamber (either cylindrical or cuboid)
  • Digital Gauge
  • Automated pump and vent valves
  • Manual vent manifold


  • Digital VCC (Vacuum Cycle Control) Control Box which includes:
    • NEMA 13 enclosure
    • Vacuum cycle timer
    • Heavy duty, Industrial Manual Control Switches
    • LED indicators
  • Pumping system
    • The chamber may be purchased with or without a pumping system

Abbess Instruments makes vacuum chamber systems with optional easy-to-use process control and data-logging resulting in improved test/processing quality and time. Our customers are small to large organizations with low vacuum degassing through to high vacuum space simulation applications. Abbess Instruments’ vacuum systems are delivered with industry-leading lead time.