Complete Your Products Transit Testing with our integrated Altitude Chamber for Vibration and Shaker tables.

Complementing the broad range of altitude vacuum pressure and thermal test technologies that Abbess already offers to customers involved in safe transit package testing, Abbess also custom engineers and manufactures chambers rated for use in vibration testing.

Our Altitude Chambers can be integrated with your vibration or shaker tables to provide a robust test platform capable of ensuring the durability of your product. As always, all of our vacuum chamber systems are built to meet your specific needs.

Customers specify peak to peak displacement, frequency, and acceleration parameters, as well as technical detail on the vibration simulation table provided and the Abbess engineers design the chamber system for a fully integrated transport simulation. Customers have found these chambers to be ideal for HALT HASS testing.

Chambers are designed with the end user product test engineers to provide fixturing and anchorage internal to the chamber to secure the Articles Under Test. Feedthroughs are provided for in test product monitoring and interaction. And the chamber is provided with designed anchorage to the customer provided vibration table.

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Specific Specifications:

Custom Test Chamber/Vibration Table Use

Pumping System, Test Instrumentation, and Controls by Customer

Vibration Rated 0-300HZ

Peak to peak displacement: X=2″/Y=2″/Z=4″

Rotations: Yaw=+/-6deg/Pitch=+/-4deg/ Roll=+/-4deg

Max Acc: 30IPS

Abbess Customers in Aerospace, Defense, Food Products, Bio-Med, and Pharma industry sectors need these robust integrated simulation systems. Abbess engineers and technicians answer that need with systems that are agile, accurate and responsive.

 Want to learn more about how we control these systems, see our vacuum cycle controllers.

To get an accurate quote for the system you need, fill out our RFQ or call today!