VE-11 ~ Vacuum Impregnator, Encapsulator, and Degas for degassing / deairing and filling parts and molds with resins, epoxy or liquids (oils or water based) under vacuum.

Abbess Instruments’Vacuum impregnator, Vacuum filler allows you to fully evacuate a product or specimen, then with all the air and moisture removed, fill the product or specimen with liquid, casting , mounting or potting compound or resin that can penetrate the full pore depth of the sample or product.



Standard Features
  • Aluminum with clear Acrylic lid
Interior Dimensions:
  • Standard – 6″ and12″ deep X 11″ inner diameter
  • Customs in 8″ 11″ 15″ and 28″ Diameters
  • Need a Larger chamber? See our big chambers
Included Features:
Included Features:
  • Vacuum connection 3/8 hose barb with needle valv
  • Vacuum break needle valve and filter
  • Vacuum Gauge with a dial registering 0 to 30″ of Hg and 0 to -100 kPa
  • Unheated
Optional Features/Items: XZAZZ_00052

  • Liquid Feed-thrus and valves for filling molds in vacuum
  • Electronic vacuum cycle timer with Vacuum Regulator and manual override
  • Lids and doors of chambers are available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Acrylic
  • Heated shelves for keeping potted items at a controlled temperature for cure
  • Non-stick coating – Surfaces protected by a #8-403 PTFE non-stick coating
  • Vacuum Regulator
  • Window: windows were you want them
  • Heated + 200C or Cryogenic -196C/-320F