VE-24 and VE-36 Inch Cubes, Non Stick, PTFE

AZCSH_00199_0Abbess Instruments’ Vacuum System, allows you to fully evacuate a product or specimen, then with all the air and moisture removed, fill the product or specimen with casting, mounting or potting compound or resin that can penetrate the full pore depth of the sample or product.

Resulting a zero bubble defect product or sample

This vacuum chamber is designed to be a rugged bench top unit in production or testing.

Some of our customers find this to be a practical size for use in vacuum degassing of liquids, plastics resins, and epoxies as well as drying parts or product. With optional thermal shelves, these thermal vacuum chambers can be very effective in degassing polymeric mixtures containing silicones, urethanes and epoxies. Many optional features may be included such as windows, lights, electrical feed-thrus and liquid feed-thrus and valves for filling molds in vacuum.

This chamber is also used in many other industries where vacuum work is required.

It is constructed of welded Al 6061 or 304 Stainless Steel with interior standard dimensions of 24″ high x 24″ deep x 24″ wide, custom dimensions are also an option. The door seal is now a (customer replaceable) 3/16″ thick O-ring seal to withstand repeated closings. Two draw latches close the front hinged door.

All chambers are vacuum tested to 29.92 inch(Hg) or better.chambers should maintain this for its life dependent on seal condition and customer use.

Fully optioned 24 inch cube vacuum chamber with heater, rotary table, swing arm, and liquid feedthru.

Standard Features
  • Welded Aluminum
Interior Dimensions:
Included Features:
  • XZAZZ_00124_7Hinges located on the right hand side (customer may spec. other)
  • Vacuum connection 3/4 nptf, located on lower rear
  • Unheated
  • Vacuum Gauge with a dial registering 0 to 30″ of Hg and 0 to -100 kPa
  • Standard Latches
Customer determined Optional Features/Items:
  • XZAZZ_00052Liquid Feed-thrus and valves for filling molds in vacuum
  • Electronic vacuum cycle timer with manual override
  • Heated shelves for keeping potted items at a controlled temperature for cure
  • Non-stick coating – Surfaces protected by a #8-403 PTFE non-stick coating
  • Lights
  • Vacuum Regulator
  • Window: windows were you want them
  • Heated + 200C or Cryogenic -196C/-320F
  • In vacuum, Rotary Mixing
  • Shelf brackets for Trays or Heated Shelves
  • Vacuum Break quick-connect 3/4 NPTF, top right front, with internal  diffuser
  • Vacuum pumps and vacuum systems