This system will produce a very high quality vacuum bag  heatseal in a high vacuum.

With this design the thermal control loop is closed:  ACTUAL temperature = SET temperature.

Even minute thermal loads on the heatsealing band are detected and corrected quickly and precisely. Abbess uses Ropex RS440 temperature controllers, to control the temperature of heating elements (heatsealing bands, beaded bands, cutting wires, heatsealing blades, solder elements etc.), as required in a variety of heatsealing processes.

This Vacuum Chamber design is a rugged industrial bench top unit for use in production or testing.

Some of our customers find this to be a practical size for use in vacuum work. With optional thermal shelves, these thermal vacuum chambers can be very effective in product handling, drying and sealing without exposure to air.

This chamber is also used in many other industries where vacuum work is required.

Standard Chambers are constructed of welded 304 Stainless alloy with interior standard dimensions of 14, 18, 24, and 36 inch cubes. Custom dimensions are available.

The door seal is a (customer replaceable) 3/16″ thick O-ring seal to withstand repeated closings. Two draw latches close the front hinged door.

All chambers are vacuum tested to 29.92 inch(Hg) or better (10-4 torr optional) and should maintain this for its life dependent on seal condition and customer use.

Standard Features
Material: Welded 304 Stainless Steel or Welded Aluminum
Interior Dimensions: Interior standard dimensions of 14, 18, 24, and 36 inch cubes – Custom dimensions are available.
Vacuum: – To 29.92 inch(Hg) or better (10-4 TO 10-6 torr optional) under dynamic vacuum
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Included Features: RES-440_E_img_1_0This RESISTRON temperature controller is an integral part of the “series 400”, the outstanding feature of which is its microprocessor technology. All RESISTRON temperature controllers are used to control the temperature of heating elements (heatsealing bands, beaded bands, cutting wires, heatsealing blades, solder elements etc.), as required in a variety of heatsealing processes.

Principle of operation

The resistance of the heatsealing band, which is temperature-sensitive, is monitored 50x per second (60x at 60Hz) by measuring the current and voltage. The temperature calculated with the help of these measurements is displayed and compared with the set point. The primary voltage of the impulse transformer is adjusted by phase-angle control if the measured values deviate from the set point. The resulting change in the current through the heatsealing band leads to a change in the band temperature and thus also its resistance. This change is measured and evaluated by the RESISTRON temperature controller. The control loop is closed: ACTUAL temperature = SET temperature. Even minute thermal loads on the heatsealing band are detected and can be corrected quickly and precisely. The thermoelectric control loop which is formed has a highly dynamic response because purely electrical variables are measured at a high sampling rate. A high secondary current can be controlled with only minimal power loss because power is controlled on the primary

– Increased machine capacity
– Extended life of the heatsealing bands and PTFE non-stick coatings
– Simple operation and control of the sealing process side of the transformer. This allows optimum adaptation to the load and to the required dynamic range despite the exceptionally compact dimensions of the controller.

RESISTRON temperature controllers play a significant role in enhancing the performance of modern machines. However, the full benefit can only be obtained from the advanced technology offered by this control system if all the system components, in other words the heatsealing band, the impulse transformer, the wiring, the timing signals and the controller itself, are compatible with one another. Abbess Instruments designs and builds the complete system you, ensuring you a optimum sealing system.

Description of the Controller

The microprocessor technology endows the RESISTRON temperature controller RES-440 with previously unattainable capabilities:

– Very simple operation thanks to AUTOCAL, the automatic zero calibration function.
– Good dynamic response of the control system thanks to AUTOTUNE, which adapts automatically to the controlled system.
– High precision thanks to further improved control accuracy and linearization of the heatsealing band characteristic.
– High flexibility: The AUTORANGE function (as of software revision 100) covers a secondary voltage range from 0.4V to 120V and a current range from 30A to 500A.
– Automatic adjustment to the line frequency in the range from 47Hz to 63Hz.
– Increased protection against dangerous conditions, such as overheating of the heatsealing band.

A time control (timer) function integrated in the controller enables the complete heatsealing process to be controlled on simple machines, such as table heatsealing tools. A configurable relay output can be used to drive motors, energize magnets etc.
The process data is represented on an LC display with 4 lines and 20 characters. Devices with a VF display are available as an option. Various display languages can be selected. In addition to the digital and bar indications on the display, the ACTUAL temperature of the heatsealing band is supplied to an optional analog 0…10VDC output. The real heatsealing band temperature can thus be displayed on an external temperature meter (e.g. ATR-x). The RESISTRON temperature controller RES-440 also features an integrated fault diagnosis function, which tests both the external system (heatsealing band, wiring etc.) and the internal electronics and outputs a selective error message in case of a fault. To increase operational safety and interference immunity, all 24VDC logic signals are electrically isolated from the controller and the heating circuit. The menu in the temperature controller itself can be used to adapt to different heatsealing band alloys (Alloy-20, NOREX etc.) and set the required temperature range (0…300 °C, 0…500 °C etc.). The RESISTRON temperature controller RES-440 is designed for installation in a front panel cutout. Abbess Instruments builds this controller, switches, indicators and wiring into a NEMA 13 sealed steel housing for industrial use.


Optional Features/Items: – Electronic degassing cycle timer with manual override
– 2 Types of Custom Stands for pump and chamberGet yours on a stand with pump and Digital Vacuum Cycle Controller-setup, all connected, and tested -ready to GO!– Heated shelves for keeping potted items at a controlled temperature for cureAZCSZ_00170
– Non-stick coating – Surfaces protected by a #8-403 PTFE non-stick coating
– Lights
– Manual Vacuum Break valve with defusers and metering control
– Vacuum Regulator
– Window: Full Transparent Window Door or quartz windows up to 6 inches dia.
– Cooled by chiller or cryogenics
– Heated up to +400C
– Rotary Mixing
– Shelf brackets for Trays or Heated Shelves
– Vacuum Break quick-connect 3/4 NPTF, top right front, with internal diffuser
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