Vacuum infusing, vacuum impregnating, and vacuum filling can greatly improve the product quality of 3D printed items.

Works well for: Locked sands, woods, fibers, clays, powders, rocks, sands, SLS, 3DP, or SLA forms, foods, insects and plants

Vacuum Infusing/Impregnating System

Vacuum Infusing/Impregnating System

These vacuum infusing chambers are constructed of heavy alloy. Our customers find this to be a practical construction for use in vacuum degassing and vacuum processing of all sorts of items including, but not limited to: foods, herbs, papers, liquids, jells, powders, plastics resins, epoxies and many other parts and materials. Vacuum Pump, Regulator and Vacuum Sequencer, all built -in to the systems. Service range to Down to 29.92″ Hg under dynamic vacuum. This chamber is also used in many other industries where vacuum work is required.

This vacuum chamber is also suited for resin infusion of wood and other products.



  • A complete system without the resin or oil
  • Stainless Steel Bath/fliud Pot/container -17.5 inches square x 10″ deep
  • In a 24”h x 20” x 20” front loading vacuum chamber, with a full Clear Acrylic door
  • Vacuum Cycle Controller with customer settable timer and vacuum setpoints for vacuum process sequence control and Vacuum pump with filters all assembled and tested, on a enclosed cart Basic system without heat,
  • Same as VIF-1 PLUS a Digital PID temperature controller to + 140C with insulated heated Bath for Precise Controlled Temperature – for keeping your resin at a controlled temperature for proper infusing
  • Vacuum dunk basket/frame
  • Complete system – Ready to go!