Flexible  Vacuum Storage Systems to Meet Your Needs!

This Large Modular Vacuum System allows items placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum pressure (if required) as well as heat via the electrically heated Thermal Plate (optional). The entire system can be controlled manually, by starting/stopping the pump(s) and opening/closing valves, OR Optionally, By a Touch screen Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC). The VCC enables system control via panel-mounted buttons and indicators and user-specific Graphical User Interface (GUI).

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The Vacuum System consists of the following major components

  • Vacuum Chamber – Typically a front loading Stainless Steel Cube
  • Thermal Plate – Aluminum/Copper Thermal Plate mounted in the bottom of chamber with heating elements and optional cooling loop. Feed-through for electrical power, thermocouple and cooling lines extend through the rear wall of the chamber. The plate allows heating/cooling of items in the chamber under vacuum. Controlled by PID temperature Controller mounted in Process Control Enclosure. Note: Unless the chamber includes external insulation, the Thermal Plate is intended for use only while under vacuum.
  • Mobile Cart – Heavy-duty cart/stand with chamber and pumping system mounted.
  • Process Control Enclosure – Contains component necessary for controlling the system as well as logic and interfaces for the Vacuum Cycle Controller.
  • Pressure Gauge Controller (See manufacturer specific documentation).
  • Temperature Controller (See manufacturer specific documentation).
  • Status Indicators – Provide visual indication of system status.
  • Vacuum Cycle Controller – Control input buttons, switches, and interfaces to external components (i.e. Turbo Pump Controller).
  • Turbo Pump System (Note: Please see Appendix A before using pumping system) – Dual-pump system for evacuating the chamber to high vacuum levels.
  • Roughing Pump – Primary vacuum pump removes the bulk of the gas from the chamber from atmosphere down to a mid-level vacuum range. It also serves as a backing pump to the Turbo pump to allow it to operate in its effective pressure range to achieve high vacuum in the chamber.
  • Turbo molecular Pump – Secondary vacuum pump used to achieve high and ultra-high vacuum pressure in the chamber.
  • Turbo Controller – Electronic control module that controls the operation of the Turbo pump. Can be used in manual or remote modes.
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Transducer – Connected directly to the vacuum space to sense pressure through a variety of methods.
  • Pressure Gauge Controller – Provides pressure display and control of Pressure Transducer. Also provides pressure set-point relays that can be used for various system control functions.
  • Control Valves
  • Manual Vent Valve – Manual override vent valve allows user to vent air into chamber at end of cycle or in case of power loss or other circumstance where an optional automatic valve is not functioning.
  • Automatic Vent Valve – Automatic solenoid valve vents air into chamber based on control input from Vacuum Cycle Controller.
Standard Features
Applications: High value storage, rocket thrusters, space flight hardware
Material: Stainless steel, aluminum
Dimensions: Determined by customer specs.
Industries: Electronics, aerospace, medical
Pricing: Determined by customer specs.