Basic Vacuum Sequencer and Cycle Timer with Vacuum Regulator

Vacuum Sequencer and Cycle Timer with Vacuum Regulator

Optional Motor Start/stop Contactor

This Controller is designed to be a part of our rugged bench top vacuum chambers in production or testing. Some of our customers find this to be a practical solution for using a vacuum chamber in a controlled process to dry products, and degas of parts, liquids, plastics, resins, and epoxies.

This regulator and cycle controller allows the whole vacuum operation, from start to finish, to be controlled, yielding a more consistent product process. After set-up, the chamber and vacuum system can automatically turn on the vacuum, watch for the preset vacuum level, then control the hold time at that vacuum level, then break the vacuum to allow the operator to remove and replace product. All this can happen without the operator watching. Your product becomes more consistent and your process more reliable.

Custom features are always an option.

We can design in computer interfaces with control software and temperature control elements. Call us let’s talk about your process requirements.

It is constructed of standard industrial parts. Enclosures are for indoor use to provide protection from dust, dirt, and splashing and spraying oil/coolant. Also rated NEMA 13 for protection from oil/coolant dripping. Made of 14-ga. steel (unless noted) with gray powder-coated finish. Enclosures are also known as JIC (Joint Industrial Council) boxes. Covers have a neoprene gasket and secure with a screw clamp on one side. Enclosures are UL listed and CSA certified.



We will design and build to your process system requirements

Standard Features
  • Standard – 15w x 11h x 5d
Included Features:
  • Electronic vacuum cycle digital timer (.05 to 999 seconds- customer set)
  • Adjustable vacuum switch (for sensing the vauum level for the start point of the timer)
  • Vacuum Regulator (for controlling the vacuum level)
  • Long life LED indicators (indicate system status)
  • Vacuum Gauge on top of regulator (indicates vacuum system operation/pump function)
  • Cover for timer access hole (prevent tampering with timer adjustment once set)
Optional Features
  • Selectable Venting Rates
  • Vacuum Pump power control (Motor Start/stop Contactor)
  • Turns vacuum pump on at start and off at the end of cycle.
  • Custom – extra cycles or connections
  • Digital Torr Control with 2 setpoints



We will design and build to your process system requirements