Process Passage/In-Line Vacuum Chamber

Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 9.08.44 AMVacuum Chamber – A Custom Designed Stainless Steel Process Passage Chamber with vertically operating, pneumatically actuated O-Ring Sealed Clear Acrylic Doors at each end of the passage chamber. The system is mounted atop a mobile Steel Frame Caster Cart along with the pumping system for flexible placement within a customer defined process sequence.

Process Control Enclosure – Contains component necessary for controlling the system including all logic and interfaces for the Vacuum Cycle Controller.

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Two-door view through the chamber

Status Indicators – Provide visual indication of system status.

Vacuum Cycle Controller – Control input buttons, switches, and interfaces to external components .

Vacuum Cycle Timer – Activated when the chamber vacuum has reached a process determined level. The timer adjusts to set simple soak time. When this device times out, it typically triggers the next phase of the vacuum process. This may be as simple as lighting an indicator to notify the operator of the process state or it may be used within the Vacuum Cycle Controller to automatically proceed to the next phase such as venting the chamber.

Pneumatic Door Actuation – Switches operate horizontal action pneumatic “Lock” cylinders to extend for clearance or retract for vacuum seal compression of the door o-ring seal and vertically acting piston which raise or lower these doors.

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Transducer – Analog Dial gauge Sensor connected directly to the vacuum space to sense and indicate chamber pressure.

Control Switch & Valves

Vacuum Switch – Used to sense when the chamber has reached a target vacuum pressure level. When the set level is reached the set-point switch is triggered which in is used within the Vacuum Cycle Controller to activate the delay timer.

Automatic Vacuum and Vent Valves – Automatic solenoid valves evacuates chamber (via pump supplied by customer) or vents air into chamber based on control input from Vacuum Cycle Controller.

Vacuum Pumping System – Pfeiffer HENA 100 Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump with in-line Inlet Filter, hose connected to control solenoid valve.

Detail View of Vacuum Setpoint Switch

Detail View of Vacuum Setpoint Switch