Model CTC-1 Variable Temperature Cryostat

4K TO 925K (-269 °C TO 652 °C)

  • Sample space is temperature controllable from 4K to 770K.
  • Optional: 925K (Dependent on Sensor and/or Temperature Controller Used)
  • Used with hanging weight measurement balances
  • Sample space may be active or inert gases, or vacuum
  • .585 inch ID Sample Space
  • Optional: Probes for Resistivity, Critical Current or Hall Effect
  • Indirect cooling by cryogen (liquid Nitrogen or Helium)
  • Fully vacuum jacketed tail
  • 1 inch ID entrance fitting to Microbalance or optional instrument probe
  • Customer can order Cryostats with special modifications

Used in systems for:

  • Magnetic Susceptibility – Faraday
  • Resistivity
  • Critical Current
  • Hall Effect
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Adsorption/Desorption