Operable Clear Acrylic Portal

Operable Clear Acrylic Portal

The tall size of the altitude chamber allows sample carts to be wheeled in with ease. By being able to load the chamber efficiently, it is easier to subject the product sample process to various altitudes. The operable clear acrylic port provides quick and easy access to a test system without needing to unclamp the larger door.

This type of altitude chamber system has been used for pharmaceuticals, electronics hardware, products for spacecraft, biological treatment and processing, explosive sample processing, analysis of byproducts, cleaning, and drying.

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The Vacuum Chamber System consists of the following major components:

Front View of the Altitude Vacuum Chamber System

Front View of the Altitude Vacuum Chamber System

Vacuum Chamber – Typically a front loading Aluminum or Stainless Steel Cube

Process Control Enclosure – Contains component necessary for controlling the system as well as logic and interfaces for the Vacuum Cycle Controller.

  • Pressure Gauge Controller (See manufacturer specific documentation).
  • Status Indicators – Providing visual indication of system status.
  • Vacuum Cycle Controller – Touch Screen GUI/PC Controller, Control input interface
    to manage Vacuum Cycle Settings (i.e. Vacuum Level and Duration).
  • Vacuum Pump System – Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum-Pump system for evacuating the chamber to vacuum. HENA-60 by Pfeiffer.

Pressure Gauge

  • Pressure Transducer – Connected directly to the vacuum space to sense pressure through a variety of methods.
  • Pressure Gauge Controller – Provides pressure display and control of Pressure Transducer. Also provides pressure set-point relays that can be used for various system control functions.

Control Valves

  • Manual Vent Valve – Manual vent valve allows user to modulate vent rate into chamber at end of cycle.
  • Automatic Vent & Vacuum Valves – Automatic solenoid valves evacuate the Chamber or vent atmosphere in based upon control input from Vacuum Cycle Controller.
View of Vacuum Chamber System (Door Open)

View of Vacuum Chamber System (Door Open)


Standard Features
Applications: Altitude Testing Chambers and Systems
Industries: Electronics, aerospace, medical, aircraft instruments, consumer goods, packaging,
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: Sizes to fit customer requirements
Optional Features/Items:
  • Sizes of components can be altered based on customer specifications
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Humidity
Pricing: Determined by customer specs.

This chamber is used to simulate conditions from below sea level to altitudes over 100,000ft. Abbess can add features such as humidity, heat up to 200C, and cooling down to -196C .