Front View of Vacuum System, without lift winch

The Thermal Vacuum Chamber System allows items placed inside to be contained in a vacuum environment to facilitate customer process production requirements. The entire system can be controlled manually, by starting/stopping the pump(s) and opening/closing valves. Optionally, a Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC) is used to automate some or all of the control functions. The VCC enables system control via panel-mounted buttons and indicators and can optionally be controlled by a PC with a user-specific Graphical User Interface (GUI).


The Thermal Vacuum Chamber System consists of the following major components:

  • Vacuum Chamber – A Clear Acrylic Cylinder Chamber “Bell Jar” provided with lift winch for removal of the cylinder from the Stainless Steel Base Plate. Base Plate with various vacuum and process ports provided for vacuum and vacuum compatible feedthru..
  • Vacuum Pumping System– Agilent/Varian DS602 Rotary Vane Roughing Pump and VHS-6 Diffusion with integrated water cooled baffle.
  • Process Control Enclosure – Contains component necessary for controlling the system as well as logic and interfaces for the Vacuum Cycle Controller.
  • Process Timer Control Status Indicators – Provide visual indication of system status. Vacuum Cycle Controller – Control ON/OFF buttons, main power switch.
  • Pressure Gauge Agilent/Varian FRG-700 Cold Cathode/Pirani Pressure Transducer/ AGC-100 Gauge Controller – Provides pressure display and set point valve control per integral Pressure Transducer data. Also provides pressure set-point relays that can be used for various system control functions.
  • InstruTech “SuperBee”– Convection enhanced Pirani Gauge with Digital Display serves operator as active monitor of vacuum pressure maintained and setpoint signal for Diffusion Pump sequence.
  • Control Valves Automatic Vent and Vacuum Valves – Automatic Electromagnetic Right Angle Valves evacuate and vent atmosphere into chamber based on control input from Vacuum Cycle Controller. Manual Gate Valve- Allows for segregation of the Chamber from the Diffusion Pump. Manual Right Angle Valve- enables distinct vent of chamber to RGA (by customer).
  • Gas Purge Regulation Manifold– Manual Valve and manifold combination of Relief Valve, Pressure Regulator, Metering Valves and Monitoring Pressure Sensors enables back vent of the chamber with dry inert gas.
  • Mobile Cart – Heavy-duty cart/stand with chamber and pumping system mounted.

Detail of base of acrylic bell chamber