Economy 5-Gallon aluminum round vacuum chamber with an electric mixer

Standard 5-gallon aluminum round vacuum chamber with an electric mixer (no hold down clamps shown)

We designed a standard 5-gallon vacuum chamber mixing unit to streamline the ordering process. Mixing can greatly improve the degassing operation of almost all materials; it is a must for thicker materials like pastes and gels.

All of our products can be made custom through additions or subtractions of features in order to fit the customer’s specification.

vacuum chamber mixer through an acrylic lid

Top-down view of the interior of a vacuum chamber mixer through an acrylic lid, complete with hold down clamps and hold down ring (Hand mixer shown)


Each of our Standard Economy 5-Gallon Bucket Bundle comes with the following principle items (not all items included are listed):

Vacuum chamber – 15″ ID X 20″ Deep (5 gal bucket), Round style (Aluminum tube w/Acrylic lid)
Feed thru, liquid, 1/4″ ID hos
Electric mixer, high-torque, 1.5 HP, adjustable speed, 0-750 RPM, 3/4″ shaft
Mixing Container Hold-down Fixture
Optional: Hold down ring for container (see large image directly above)
Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC), Basic-Analog Control
Cart, Standard Hand
Optional: Vacuum pump system
Call us today to discuss your end use and to receive a quote for our Economy 5-Gallon Bucket. We are more than happy to customize this bundle to fit your specifications.