nrfig6Abbess Systems’ line of high-visibility vacuum systems now includes leak test chambers compliant with ASTM standards. Useful in the packaging industry, amongst others, each is a front or top-loading Acrylic Cylinder or Cube with or without an aluminum frame and/or base.

Optional features include automatic control; data-logging; and altitude “Climb & Dive” profiling to 100,000’. Chambers for dry or wet (bubble) leak testing are available.

While the most basic system can be controlled manually, a Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC) can be added to automate a) vacuum/hold/vent control functions, and b) vacuum monitoring. Control may be either via panel-mounted buttons and indicators or via a PC with GUI. The basic digital VCC will permit a single ‘automatic’ altitude/vacuum set point, whereas full altitude profile simulation functionality can be built in to the PC Touch Screen VCC upgrade option.