CLC-1 Automatic Liquid Fill / Level Controller System, Complete with Transfer Line, Sensors, Cryogenic Valve and Controller

All of the control and delivery features in one complete solution.

Many possible custom sensor layouts – each with different sensor placements, probe mountings, connections and venting options are available with our level controller.

YOU tell us what you want for your control probe.

  1. clc-systemCustomer may order any type of probe
  2. Sections have quick connection flanges (no tools required)
  3. Temperature Range of 4K to 425K
  4. Cryogen fill, vacuum/vent port, are KF-25 flange 1.00″ ID
  5. Vacuum tight manifold provides for vacuum pumping of cryogen
  6. One, 9 pin, Sub-min D type electrical/vacuum feed-through on a vacuum flange
  7. All joints and seals to be helium leak tested to 1×10-7 Std. c.c./sec
  8. Setup and basic operation manual included
  9. Liquid Nitrogen Level Controller
    The Liquid Level Controller uses two Liquid Sensors to maintain the nitrogen level in cryogenic reservoirs. The controller uses an on-board solid-state relay to operate a cryogenic solenoid valve. The will activate the relay when the lower sensor is no longer submerged in LN2. Filling continues until the upper sensor becomes submerged. The runs off 120VAC power and features an opto-isolated zero-volt switching relay.
  10. Filling will begin when both sensors have become dry and continue until both sensors have become wet. As a safety feature, the controller will not initiate (or continue) a fill operation if either sensor is unplugged.
  11. Features include:
    • Automatic 2-Point Control
    • Controller Override
    • Sensor Status Indication
    • Filling Indication
    • Complete solution
    • Low Cost
    • Easy Installation
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Specifications

Power: 120VAC @ 3Amps, 50-60 Hz (230VAC optional)
Fill Relay: 120VAC @ 2.5Amps, Zero-volt switching (230VAC optional)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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