(Holliston, MA)  Abbess Instruments, a global provider of quality, vacuum systems with optional easy-to-use process control and data logging, now offers a High Density, High Count, Thermocouple Port:

This High Density, High Count, Thermocouple Port for 1×10-10 Torr will be of greatest interest to our Altitude Test and Space Simulation customers, who are testing systems requiring an increasing density of sensor connections. It provides for up to 80 thermocouple pairs (comprised of 16 x 5-pair subassemblies) over a 10″ diameter footprint.

The port allows easy, low-cost maintenance: A single-sensor fault is readily resolved by changing out only the one affected feedthrough subassembly. Upgrading and refurbishing to such thermocouple densities is handled by forward planning by ordering and building blanked thermocouple subassembly locations into the plate.

High Thermocouple-Count Port for 1×10-10 Torr

  • Up to 16 x 5 pair customized thermocouple feedthrough subassemblies.
  • Mounted on a single CF1200 flange as shown below for the full complement of 16 subassemblies. Other flange diameters are available using the same 5-pair subassembly format.
  • Blanked (leak tested) feedthrough subassembly positions A/R — for future upgrade and/or refurbishing flexibility.
  • Chamber port to accept Thermocouple Feedthrough Assembly.
  • Customer to define quantity of 5-pair feedthrough subassemblies (the remaining positions will be blanked).

Figure 1: High Density, High Count, Thermocouple Port for 1×10-10 Torr

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