Even minute thermal loads on the heatsealing band are detected and corrected quickly and precisely. Abbess uses temperature controllers, to control the temperature of heating elements (heatsealing bands, beaded bands, cutting wires, heatsealing blades, solder elements etc.), as required in a variety of heatsealing processes.

Sealing — Featured Products:

Figure 1: Powered Press with Passive Plates
Abbess can help you press and/or seal your medical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, and aerospace packaging under vacuum using either seal bar(s) or seal plate(s).
CURRENT DESIGN with external air operated cam closed seal bar
This system will produce a very high quality vacuum bag heatseal in a high vacuum.
Manual Degas and Oil Fill System (analog VCC)
This double-chambered, semi-automated vacuum system allows for degas and Fill processing. (Thumbnail shown with analog VCC)

 To test a product for an air-tight seal, see our Package Leak Testing kits.

 To apply mechanical pressure to your sample while it is under vacuum, see our Presses.