Abbess puts clear acrylic materials to use in a variety cube chamber systems, both as attachments to aluminum or stainless steel frames and as entire clear acrylic assemblies. These chambers lend themselves to both process and test applications where constant user monitoring of the vacuum cycle is crucial and the basic cube geometry is a practical requirement. Used in concert with Abbess linear and rotary actuators and process feedthrus, these chambers can serve as very practical tools for introducing vacuum process advantages even to simple manufacture.

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Featured Products:

Top Loading Vacuum Chambers, for Transport in Vacuum or Low Pressure Gas Cover

Doors open on the top of the vacuum chamber. Allows the user to work with a top loading format, place and remove objects in a vertical axis of motion.

Clear acrylic VCC Vacuum chamber

Clear Acrylic Cube Vacuum System with VCC System

Clear Acrylic Cube Vacuum Chamber System

Process Passage/In-Line Vacuum Chamber

This in-line vacuum chamber allows an assembly line to go through this vacuum chamber by way of a two-door entry points.

Clear Acrylic Cube Vacuum Chamber

This bench top sized vacuum chamber is designed to be a rugged unit with 1-1/2" thick walls and true o-ring seals for deep vacuums and long life.

 If you are looking for a glass bell jar replacement, see our round acrylic chambers.

 If complete visibility is not a necessary part of your procedure or specifications, we suggest our aluminum cubes.

Cube Vacuum Chambers:
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