Contamination Control Package

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Manual Purge Gas Port

The Contamination Control Package will be of greatest interest to our Space Simulation customers, especially those who will be placing actual Space Flight hardware in our chambers – whether in component, subsystem, or full system form. It provides for chamber bakeout, dry inert gas purging, RGA, and easy post-delivery installation of Thermoelectric Quartz Crystal Microbalances (TQCMs).

TQCMs measure outgassing, and are used to detect the presence of contamination; to determine when adequate chamber preconditioning has been achieved; and to determine when space hardware has been degassed/decontaminated i.e. when the chamber or hardware has been outgassed to specification. The parameters for this determination are usually set by procedures authored by such space organizations as NASA, ESA, and CSA, and trickle through to individual customer Quality Assurance (QA) Contamination Control Procedures.

Contamination Control Package – QF or CF

  • External Chamber Bakeout Heaters, Insulation Blanket, & Metal Skin (ordered separately)
  • Purge Gas, control kit, VCC or PC controlled (ordered separately).
  • RGA Port (ordered separately)
  • TQCM Stations (2 minimum) includes:
    • WattRods (1 standard length for each TQCM station): QF or CF flange; radiator; TQCM mounting/alignment holder.
    • WattRod Port (1 for each TQCM station)
    • 10 pin TQCM electrical feedthrough QF or CF /port (1 for each TQCM station)
  • Customer to define locations of TQCM 10-pin electrical and WattRod feedthroughs.
  • Customer to define length of Wattrods .
  • Post-delivery, customer will provide and install TQCMs and rack-mounted controller (controller software is independent of Touch Screen Package). Abbess recommends and designs-in QCM Research TQCMs and controller (nominally Mark 26 series).
    • (TQCM temp range is -60C to 100C; 6W)

The CCP piggybacks onto Abbess External Chamber Bakeout, Inert Gas Purge, and RGA Port Packages, because QA Contamination Control procedures call for the use of chamber bakeout, inert gas purging, RGA, and TQCMs:

External Chamber Bakeout Heaters, Insulation Blanket, & Metal Skin

For Bakeout temperatures to 150 C

  • External heating elements mounted on each face and door of chamber
  • Digital PID Temperature controller including Thermocouple
  • Dual type K Thermocouples (Check & Control)
  • Power controller with limiter for over temperature control
  • External insulation panels & metal skin on all sides.


With isolation valve and blank to permit:

  • Removal of RGA without venting chamber.
  • System operation while RGA is used on other equipment.


  • CF or QF (NW40) chamber fitting
  • O-ring and Centering ring
  • Blank plate and Quick clamp
  • Hole machined in chamber
  • Welding as required
  • Fitting Installed, assembled and tested in chamber
  • Manually Operated Angle Valve, CF or QF Flange
  • Customer to define location

RGA NOT provided but is available as an optional extra

Optional RGA Port

Optional RGA Port

Purge Gas Kits

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  • Metering valve, dual pressure regulators, Hose and pressure relief valve
  • Chamber Valve
  • Manual, VCC, or PC Control