With multiple independent plates our Thermal Vacuum Chambers and be built and designed to produce temperatures in the range of -320F/-196C to +300F/150C.

Multi-plate thermal vacuum systems can be customized to fit  customer specifications, testing requirements, and budget.  These systems also offer reliable and accurate temperature control.

This thermal vacuum chamber is shown with 3 Copper Thermal Plate with 2″x 2″ matrix with 1/4″ x 20 threaded holes, and with optional electronic ports, TC type K feedthrus, lights, cart, pump, filters/traps and windows.

Optional: Gold plated copper or aluminum plates offer better thermal connections, corrosion resistance and improved thermal life performance.


Easy to use Touch screen computer allows great visial controls and indicators, with programmable test configuration for entering new test conditions, provides Data logging and batch information in a easy to use Excel compatible data file. Controllers also have Internet connection wirless port(100meg and 1gb port), 4 USB ports, Hard disk space

These multi-plate thermal vacuum chambers are designed to be rugged units for product testing or production. Some of our customers find this to be a practical size for use in vacuum testing and degassing of parts, electronics, space simulation, and altitude testing. These chambers are also used in many other industries where vacuum work is required. It is constructed of welded aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Custom finish and dimensions are also an option. The door seal is a 3/16″ thick customer replaceable O-ring seal to withstand repeated closings. Two draw latches close the front door with stainless steel hinges. All chambers are vacuum tested to 29.92 inches of Hg or better (10-8 torr CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMANCE-optional) and should maintain this for its life depending on seal condition, ports, and customer use.

Material:Welded Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Interior Dimensions:
  • Standard Sizes:
  1. Interior Dimensions – 24″ deep x 24″ vertical x 24″ horizontal
  2. Interior Dimensions – 36″ deep x 36″ vertical x 36″ horizontal
  • Down to 29.92″ Hg under dynamic vacuum


Included Features:
  • Hinges and Latches
  • Hinges located on the right hand side (customer may spec. other)
  • Vacuum connection (customer may spec.)
  • Vacuum Gauge (customer may spec.)
  • Standard Latches
  • Cryogenic Vacuum Feed-thru
  • Connections are 1/2″ standard gas flare fittings (customer may spec. other)
  • Feed throughs located on the bottom side (customer may spec. other)
Optional Features/Items
  • Electronic vacuum cycle timer with manual override
  • Cart for chamber and pump, with shelf, wheels, and leveling pads,
  • Electrically Heated shelves for keeping potted items at a controlled temperature for curing
  • Electro-polished inside for clean and high vacuum uses
  • Lights
  • Vacuum Regulator
  • Window: 13″ x 13″ Transparent window in Door
  • Heated + 200C or Cryogenic -196C / -320F
  • Vacuum Break with internal diffuser
  • Vacuum pumps and systems