Abbess/Altitude Test Systems allow for items placed under test to be exposed to specific levels of vacuum pressure and even rate of change in order to recreate the conditions of high altitude flight. Integrated thermal vacuum system also enable testing of the temperature extremes experienced. Abbess offers systems in a range of sophistications, from simple manual control to automated systems involving PC/GUI computerized Thermal Vacuum Cycle Controller (TVCC) with customized interface and data logging configurations. Whether simply testing packaging which might experience altitude in shipment or meeting the rigorous test requirements of flight hardware components themselves, Abbess has the ability to match customer requirements with robust, practical and cost effective system solutions.

>> To introduce thermal control with high altitude testing, see our Space Simulation Systems.

>> If your are looking to control temperature under vacuum, see our Thermal Vacuum Chambers.

Altitude Testing Systems:
Basic System | Complex System | Performance Data | Upgrade Options

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