Top and Side Loading Vacuum Chamber with Turntable

Doors open on the top and side of the chamber. Windows look onto a rotating turntable within the chamber.

  • LED lights illuminate the interior.
  • Basic digital controls complete with a timer allows the user to pump down to a set pressure point and regulate at this pressure range.
  • Brass Ball Valves in the bottom of the chamber allow draining of fluids.


Standard Features
  • XZAZZ_00181_5Varies; dependent on customer’s needs
  • 48″ cube
  • 8″-10″ Borosilicate Windows with O-Ring Seals
  • Turntable within the chamber (as shown above)
  • 24″ long LED Bars with power supply
  • Brass Valves in bottom of chamber to allow draining of fluids
  • Basic Digital Cycle Control: pump down to a set pressure point, regulate at pressure range, timer for x time