Transfer Lines, Vacuum Jacketed and Superinsulated

hypres_0Abbess Instruments Transfer Lines are designed and constructed from the best Stainless Steel flex hose that has been leak test to better than 10-7cc/He/sec. All Transfer line are built to fit the customers detailed requirements. These Transfer lines find use in many systems that are transferring cold gases or liquids.

Some of the typical Transfer line designs are:

  • Standard Transfer Lines
  • Ridged, with lengths up to 25 feet long
  • Superflex, for uses that need a line that is easy to use and that will NOT fight you.
  • Y or manifold, one supply connection and more than one outlets
  • Bi-Directional, where the cold boil gas/exhust is used to cool the outside of the supply line, two vacuum jackets for an ultra low heat leak
  • blcoldConnections: Standard NPT, ISO/KF flanges, Frost free Bayonet,
  • Bi-Directional Bayonet, and Custom Cryogenic Connections
  • Transfer Lines Specifications are typically:

Outer Flex tube

  • Superinsulation and spacer elements
  • Inner Flex Tube
  • End details (Optional)
  • Vacuum pump out ports/valves