Model CTC-11 Laser Target Cryostat

For use in Plasma Physics for fielding cryogenic tagets

This cryostat was used in the D2 equation-of-state experiments on the Nova laser at LLNL, 1998-1999


  • Temperature Range of 1.2K to 425K
  • Main body dimensions, app. 4 inch OD x 32 inch long
  • 1.00 inch Dia. quick connecting Sample Mounting block for cold finger.
  • Coldfinger has a large litzwire type thermal connection to cryogen pot.
  • Independent Vacuum Insulation, includes a fully vacuum jacketed tail section, all the way to the cold finger. (vacuum of cryostat is not dependent on the vacuum of the laser target chamber -or- the cold finger is external to the cryostat body)
  • Vapor Cooled, Thermal Radiation Shield with Vacuum jacket penetration.
  • Gold plated radiation shield is magnetically coupled to the cryostats vapor cooled thermal shield for quick release.
  • Cryogen fill and vent ports and electrical connections are provided with a single Quick connection of the
  • Abbess Bi-Directional transfer line ( see photo below )
  • Indirect cooling by cryogen, liquid helium or nitrogen, Flow or fill mode.
  • Cryogen pot has 1-2 liter capacity
  • Helium Level sensor is included in the design to monitor the level within the cryostat’s cryogen pot.
  • Electrical connection to the level sensor in the cryostat, is provided through the cryogenic electrical
  • contacts of the Abbess Bi-directional cryogenic transfer line bayonet
  • All joints and seals to be helium leak tested to 1×10-7 Std. c.c./sec
  • 2 Heaters, one boost Heater about 60W, and one dual element heater disc, with both 25 and 50 ohm.


I would like a cryostat similar to this one CTC-11 »

Abbess Instruments’ Cryogenic Bayonet connection with level meter electrical contacts built in to the bayonet.

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