CTC-9 Resistivity / Hall Effect / Optical Cryostat

With surface mount sample carrier for quick sample changes

System Specifications:

  • Sample changing can be accomplished reliably and quickly.
  • Variable Temperature Range of 4K to 400K, Indirect sample cooling by cryogen
  • Non-magnetic materials will be used through-out the design
  • cryostat is a flow type devics,
  • approximate. dimensions 1.5 in. OD sample mounting block , 8 in. OD main body x about 10 in. tall
  • Vacuum port valve with KF flange, NW-10
  • Cryogen fill port is a Abbess Cryo-bayonet, frost-free connection
  • Cryogen vent port KF flange, NW-25
  • Flanges for electrical feed-throughs, supplied with mate, Qty 2
    • 1 with 15 pin sub-min D for temperature sensor and heater connections
    • 1 with 4 BNC type connections for sample contacts- others types optional
  • gold plated radiation cold shield
  • Sample Mounting block with heater and temperature sensor to match standard temperature controllers
  • Sample Space to be pumped to a vacuum of 10-7 torr
  • All joints and seals to be helium leak tested to 1×10-8 Std. c.c./sec
  • Other items included:
    • 25/50 watt Heater
    • all wires and connectors to the sample socket
    • all wires and connections to the temperature controller
    • Up to 22 Copper or Phosphor Bronze wire connections to the sample socket
  • Basic manual for Assembly and use of cryostat
  • A drawing will be sent to you for your approval before manufacturing begins.

Optional connection Relay Matrix to match wire connections to the sample socket, 24 relay array matrix with computer interface card and drivers. Larger relay arrays are available.

– See more at: https://abbess.com/cryo/CTC-9#sthash.aWrvqb4F.dpuf