Model CTC-6 Optical Access Cryostat

Our CTC-6 Cryostat is designed for quick and easy sample changes. Now changing samples can be accomplished easily, reliably and quickly without tools.

High Watt Absorbtion Option of the CTC-6 Type Cryostats

Features of the CTC-6 Type Cryostats

Customers are free to add or delete features in order to meet the needs of their research!  

  1. Customer may order any number of windows as they need (none, 1, 2, 3, 4, or full 360 clear view)
  2. Tail sections have quick access (no tools required)
  3. Temperature Range of 4K to 425K
  4. Heater, dual element heater disc, both 25 and 50 ohm, with 32 AWG Phosphor Bronze or copper leads and connector. standard
  5. 1.00″ Dia. Sample Mounting block for cold finger
  6. Tail Section connected to main body with a “V” type clamp band for Quick access
  7. Standard Tail Section with removable windows frames to hold windows (standard quartz)
  8. Optional extra Window frames can be made to hold any type of window required
  9. Windows are to be sealable with o-ring or indium seals
  10. Fully vacuum jacketed Tail Section
  11. Vapor Cooled Thermal Radiation Shield is polished and gold plated. Tail section of radiation shield is spring friction fit to vapor cooled thermal shield for Quick access. Thermal Radiation Shield is Optional
  12. KF-25 Vacuum flange port
  13. Cryogen fill/vent port, KF-25 flange 1.00″ ID
  14. Indirect cooling by cryogen liquid helium or nitrogen, 1-2 liter capacity
  15. Vacuum tight manifold provides for 2- 1.25″ X 1.25″ flanges for feed-through mounting
  16. One, 15 pin, Sub-min D type electrical/vacuum feed-through on a vacuum flange. Standard
  17. 4 BNC type electrical feed-throughs on a vacuum manifold. Optional
  18. Main body dimensions, app. 8″ OD x 12″ long
  19. All joints and seals to be helium leak tested to 1×10-7 Std. c.c./sec
  20. Setup and basic operation manual

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You tell us what you want to do. Then, We will design your sample holder.

Examples of the many possible custom Cold Fingers, each with different temperature sensor placements, sample mountings, window exposures and sample contacts.