Automated Space Simulation System with -80C Cascade Refrigeration

This vacuum chamber system allows articles under test placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum as well as various temperatures via the heated and cooled Thermal Plate Assembly. A computer with PC touch screen, custom programmed GUI  is used to automate ramp and hold temperature control functions and log data to a data file that is Excel-compatible.


Figure 1: Pump Down Performance of Empty Chamber


Figure 2: Pump Down Performance of Empty Chamber

Automated Space Simulation system for 10-6 Torr operation with thermal cycling: The As-Built performance curves shown (Figs: 1 & 2), were obtained at Abbess facilities (188’ elevation).

The automated space simulation system is comprised of:

  • Electropolished SS chamber (36”x36”x36”) & door
  • Chamber Preconditioning and Contamination Control features:
    • Bakeout to 150C
    • Inert gas purge (Fig. 1  above  curve was attained WITHOUT activating such purge.) With purge pressures as low a 10-8 Torr  can be achieved.
    • RGA port (RGA ordered separately)
  • 24” Au-coated thermal plate
  • Custom process ports, feedthroughs, and expansion ports
  • -80C Cascade refrigeration subsystem (read more about our cascade refrigeration systems)
  • Vacuum pumping subsystem (single Turbo)
  • Computer with PC Touch Screen, Custom Programmed GUI

automated space simulation


Computer/ Process Interface Main Screen