Large/Heavy & Complex Systems

High Vacuum Storage Systems

Holliston, MA … Abbess Instruments, a global provider of quality, vacuum systems with optional easy-to-use process control and data logging, now offers Data-Logged High Vacuum Storage Systems in single or multi-chambered units:

Protect your high-value medical, electronics, coated products, and aerospace inventory with Abbess Instruments’ data-logged, heated/cooled, high-vacuum storage systems. Satisfy Quality Control requirements by automatically monitoring, data-logging, and displaying the storage environment. As an option, prior to storage, other Abbess systems can take your product, in-situ, all the way from cleansing through to its degassed, dosed, and even thermal-cured, state. Abbess Instruments reduces your production failures and processing time by eliminating moisture issues, air bubbles, and air cavities … and by automation (through controlling your process variables).

Abbess will work in a cooperative fashion to customize automation to your process, and to ensure the system configuration meets your production needs:

In this storage system, a Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC) is used to automate vacuum/hold/vent control functions, and vacuum and thermal monitoring, via panel-mounted buttons and indicators.

Alarm functionality is provided by an audible alarm, and large status warning lights. Alarm, and other status messages, can also be optionally programmed to be sent to the operator’s smartphone.

Visually observe your inventory (illuminated by optional switchable, in-chamber lighting) through optional viewports, and operate an optional turntable to bring an item into view. Use the same, or other viewports, to optically illuminate/test your in vacuum items at your desired wavelengths. For light-tight storage or testing, fit blanks to the same ports.

The entire system is integrated on a cart using identical or mixed-sized, front-loading cubes in a locker-type configuration. Cart-mounting provides full system mobility and thus flexibility of positioning on your production floor. Mixed-sized inventory? Add optional removable shelving to some, or all, of your cubes for optimal and versatile storage configurability.

Upgrade options include:

A Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC) that can be used to automate some or all of the control functions via panel-mounted buttons and indicators.

A VCC controlled by a PC with a user-specified Graphical User Interface (GUI) operated through a touch-screen (as illustrated here).

Successfully store your high-value inventory, such as rocket thrusters, space-flight equipment, and hygroscopic devices in Abbess Instruments’ automatic, data-logged, multi-chambered, heated/cooled, high vacuum sytems, and live (function) by performing in-situ, in-storage testing.

Abbess Instruments’ vacuum systems are delivered with industry-leading lead time.