High Vacuum Chambers

Engineered Performance and Precision to meet demanding High Vacuum Specifications Abbess High Vacuum (HV) Chamber Systems are engineered and fabricated meticulously to meet exacting performance standards and are combined with select pumping systems, thermal subsystems, sensors and control configurations to ensure performance is precise and reliable at HV levels [10e-4 to 10e-9 torr]. Whether simulating High Altitude or LEO (Low Earth Orbit) flight conditions for testing or creating highly pure and controlled environments for scientific experimentation or specialized manufacturing, Abbess … Read More

High Vacuum – Thermal Vacuum System

The Abbess Thermal Vacuum Chamber System shown allows Article(s) Under Test placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum (10e-8 range) as well as heated and cooled via conductive contact with the Gold Plated Copper Thermal Plate. Customer defined process is supported with a 50 pin D-sub High Vacuum CF feedthru and UV Grade Quartz view portals. Thermal and Vacuum controls are addressed as discrete concerns with toggle switch power to actuate the vacuum pumping system (Pfeiffer HiPace 80 Turbo … Read More