Satellite Testing Vacuum System

Thermal Satellite Testing Vacuum Chamber

Satellite Testing Vacuum Systems engineered and built for the satellite industry. With precise thermal and vacuum control, the Abbess Satellite Testing Vacuum System is ideal for ensuring the compliance and ability of your product or satellite to sustain ultra-high and low atmosphere conditions. Abbess designs rugged equipment and practical systems for continuous and demanding analytical, manufacturing, and production use, with safety and long life in mind. Additionally, we offer various coating for solar simulation and other orbital variables. Chambers are helium … Read More

Touch Screen PC Controller with Abbess Custom Programing

For your needs for modern factory, product testing or reseach systems Read and control all your process variables, easily change products, keep bach records, record , plot and export data files, remotely program or monitor your process. Brings control of the factory floor to your laptop, at a price you can afford. Complete systems, Abbess can even train you on your system – for the more complex or demanding requirements.  

Contamination Control Package

The Contamination Control Package will be of greatest interest to our Space Simulation customers, especially those who will be placing actual Space Flight hardware in our chambers – whether in component, subsystem, or full system form. It provides for chamber bakeout, dry inert gas purging, RGA, and easy post-delivery installation of Thermoelectric Quartz Crystal Microbalances (TQCMs). TQCMs measure outgassing, and are used to detect the presence of contamination; to determine when adequate chamber preconditioning has been achieved; and to determine … Read More

Thermal Shrouds in Vacuum Systems

The Abbess High Vacuum Thermal System allows items placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum pressure as well as extreme temperatures via the electrically heated and refrigerant cooled Thermal Shroud. This thermal vacuum chamber system is controlled by a Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC), used to integrate temperature and vacuum level monitoring and automate many of the process control functions via panel-mounted indicators and activating buttons and switches, as well as a touch screen PC with a user-specific customized programming … Read More

Thermal Altitude Test Chamber

Satellite component thermal altitude test chamber

The Abbess Thermal Altitude Test Vacuum System shown facilitates thermal and vacuum profiles consistent with attitudes to 200K feet. Customer defined devices are supported with an array of 25 pin D-sub, BNC, and SMA feedthrus. Thermal and Vacuum controls are addressed as discrete concerns with PID ramping control of the chamber evacuation and temperatures of the thermal plate system (via temperature controllers). The system stands alone on a mobile custom steel frame caster cart. Facility support requirements include the power to … Read More

Mars Space Simulation Chamber

Replicate atmospheric conditions within the vacuum chamber system. This vacuum chamber sytem is ideal for space simulation testing. – 6 heated and cooled thermal plates

Low Vacuum – Thermal Vacuum System

The Thermal Vacuum System allows items placed inside to be exposed to vacuum as well as heat or cooled via the Thermal Plate. The entire system can be controlled manually, by starting/stopping the pump(s) and opening/closing valves. Optionally, a Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC analog shown) can be used to control some or all of the control functions such as vacuum level, temperature, and time at vacuum. This Thermal Vacuum Chamber System consists of the following major components: Vacuum Chamber – … Read More