Overview of Space Simulation Test Systems

Companies who manufacturer space instrumentation (including satellites themselves) have to subject their products to Prototyping, Flight Qualification, and Flight Verification phases. Before launch, the products must experience space-like temperatures and vacuum levels, and be shown not only to survive the extreme ranges, but also to operate within parameters. In order to prove reliable in these multivariable environments, it is required that the unit-under-test is exposed to conditions ranging from launch through altitude increase, then into deep space followed by a … Read More

Pre-Designed Altitude Control & Simulation Systems

Standard Altitude Simulation Package

Abbess Instruments has carefully designed three levels of Altitude Control and Simulation vacuum chamber systems of varying complexity. Listed are standard packages which can be bought as a bundle, or can be customized to fit certain specifications. To get an accurate quote for the system you need fill out our RFQ or call today! Standard Altitude Control Packages: Basic Altitude Control & Simulation Package Benefits: Cost effective solution to altitude simulation Simple and easy to operate user interface Rs-485 compatible Up to 40 step … Read More