LED Chamber Light Fixtures

Unmounted LED light fixture

The Abbess LED Chamber Light Fixtures provide high power light to your chamber and processes. One of several use cases for this product is to allow users to simulate natural light on the test subject or simply provide light for dark, hard to see areas during the test process.

Thermal Vacuum Solar Simulation System

Abbess Thermal Vacuum Solar Simulation Chamber System Abbess Instruments’ Thermal Vacuum and Solar Simulation Chamber Systems are designed and produced for use in laboratory production and testing applications requiring an exposure to or process within a controlled vacuum environment at specific temperature involving solar simulation. The chambers are often custom designed for specific end-user requirements in test applications recreating extreme atmosphere and temperature situations and illuminations. Our customers use our full range of vacuum systems for testing or degassing packaged … Read More

Small Vacuum Lighting Options

High Vacuum Chamber Lights Puck type Degassing Lights New – White Light LED Lights Strip Detail of lights placed inside of a vacuum chamber