Vacuum Filters for Water and Odor

What is your vacuum problem? Water? Odor? or Both? We can help solve both problems in the vacuum space. Call and talk to us about your issue and we can help you arrive at a solution. Abbess offers standard and custom solutions. Whether your extracting water from wax or removing the plastic odor from a degassing or vacuum impregnation, this is your solution. Large Bags of indicating (blue=dry/pink=wet) desiccant beads (6kg) and Activated carbon in the form of carbonized cocoa shells (4.5 … Read More

Stock Cube Vacuum Chambers

Stock 18 inch vacuum chamber

Depending on availability, next day service available. If accessories or modifications are needed, please discuss options with us when placing your order or submitting an RFQ. These chambers may also be purchased directly through our online store – Abbess Online. For the past 30 years,  we have had customer after customer come back and adapt their chambers for their current needs. The ability for these chambers to be modified and reused after decades in the field is possible due to … Read More