Heat Sealing in Vacuum

This system will produce a very high quality vacuum bag heatseal in a high vacuum. With this design the thermal control loop is closed: ACTUAL temperature = SET temperature. Even minute thermal loads on the heatsealing band are detected and corrected quickly and precisely. Abbess uses Ropex RS440 temperature controllers, to control the temperature of heating elements (heatsealing bands, beaded bands, cutting wires, heatsealing blades, solder elements etc.), as required in a variety of heatsealing processes. This Vacuum Chamber design is a … Read More

Vacuum Infusing and Impregnating System

Vacuum infusing, vacuum impregnating, and vacuum filling can greatly improve the product quality of 3D printed items. Works well for: Locked sands, woods, fibers, clays, powders, rocks, sands, SLS, 3DP, or SLA forms, foods, insects and plants These vacuum infusing chambers are constructed of heavy alloy. Our customers find this to be a practical construction for use in vacuum degassing and vacuum processing of all sorts of items including, but not limited to: foods, herbs, papers, liquids, jells, powders, plastics … Read More

Vacuum Degassing and Oil Fill System

Optimize your impregnating, encapsulating and dosing production processes with Abbess Instruments vacuum degassing and Filling systems. Abbess Instruments reduces your production failures and processing time by eliminating moisture issues, air bubbles, and air cavities, and by automation (through controlling your process variables). We can take your product, in-situ, all the way from evacuation through to its cured state: This double-chambered, thermal vacuum system allows for degas, dose, and thermal-cure processing. The front-loading door of the main chamber is acrylic, giving … Read More

Vacuum Oven System

These Vacuum Systems are designed to be rugged and efficient for use in production or testing. Some of our customers find this to be a practical size for use in vacuum degassing of liquids, plastics resins, and epoxies as well as drying parts or product. With optional thermal shelves, these thermal vacuum chambers can be very effective in degassing polymeric mixtures containing silicones, urethanes and epoxies. Many optional features may be included such as windows, lights, electrical feed-thrus and liquid … Read More

VO-24 and VO-36 inch cubes

Cube Vacuum Oven Systems Do you need to dry your products under vacuum? Heat, dryand/or store your medical, pharmaceutical, food, sculptures, electronics, and aerospace inventory with Abbess Instruments’ vacuum oven systems. Satisfy Quality Control requirements by automatically monitoring, data-logging, and displaying the storage environment. As an option, prior to storage, other Abbess systems can take your product, in-situ, all the way from cleansing through to its degassed, dosed, and even thermal-cured, state. Abbess Instruments reduces your production failures and processing … Read More

Top and Side Loading Vaccuum Chamber with Turntable

Doors open on the top and side of the chamber. Windows look onto a rotating turntable within the chamber. LED lights illuminate the interior. Basic digital controls complete with a timer allows the user to pump down to a set pressure point and regulate at this pressure range. Brass Ball Valves in the bottom of the chamber allow draining of fluids.   Standard Features Specifications: Varies; dependent on customer’s needs 48″ cube 8″-10″ Borosilicate Windows with O-Ring Seals Turntable within … Read More

Large Altitude Chamber

The tall size of the altitude chamber allows sample carts to be wheeled in with ease. By being able to load the chamber efficiently, it is easier to subject the product sample process to various altitudes. The operable clear acrylic port provides quick and easy access to a test system without needing to unclamp the larger door. This type of altitude chamber system has been used for pharmaceuticals, electronics hardware, products for spacecraft, biological treatment and processing, explosive sample processing, … Read More

Thermal Shrouds in Vacuum Systems

The Abbess High Vacuum Thermal System allows items placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum pressure as well as extreme temperatures via the electrically heated and refrigerant cooled Thermal Shroud. This thermal vacuum chamber system is controlled by a Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC), used to integrate temperature and vacuum level monitoring and automate many of the process control functions via panel-mounted indicators and activating buttons and switches, as well as a touch screen PC with a user-specific customized programming … Read More

Vacuum Chambers with Thermal Plates ~ 24 and 36 inch Cubes

Thermal Vacuum Chambers — Temperature range -320F/-196C to +300F/150C Click to view: Altitude vs. Pressure, Temperature and Density see datasheet This thermal vacuum chamber is designed to be a rugged bench top unit for product testing or production. Some of our customers find this to be a practical size for use in vacuum testing and degassing of parts, electronics, space simulation, and altitude testing. These thermal vacuum chambers are also used in many other industries where vacuum work is required. A … Read More

Low Vacuum – Thermal Vacuum System

The Thermal Vacuum System allows items placed inside to be exposed to vacuum as well as heat or cooled via the Thermal Plate. The entire system can be controlled manually, by starting/stopping the pump(s) and opening/closing valves. Optionally, a Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC analog shown) can be used to control some or all of the control functions such as vacuum level, temperature, and time at vacuum. This Thermal Vacuum Chamber System consists of the following major components: Vacuum Chamber – … Read More