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Performance Specifications

All performance specifications stated, including but not limited to, pump-down rates and vacuum levels make the following assumptions:

  • The Vacuum Chamber is empty.
  • The Vacuum Chamber and other system components are clean and dry.
  • The System is being operated at Sea Level
  • The ambient temperature is 18°C +/- 2°C
  • All system components, including those not supplied by Abbess, are appropriate for the system and are functioning properly.
  • The specifications are not impacted by the properties of your product.

If you require performance specifications for conditions other than those listed above, it is vital that you make this known to Abbess Instruments in writing.  Generally Abbess Instruments recommends choosing chamber and pumping system qualities capable of achieving a theoretical vacuum at least an order of magnitude better than the desired operational vacuum. 

It is to be noted that a specification described as '10-5 Torr' is a range, and means the clean, empty, dry chamber system is capable of reaching some undetermined value between 1.0x10-5 and 9.9x10-5 Torr: The (clean, empty, dry) chamber is deemed compliant whether its As-Built base vacuum is 1.0x10-5 Torr or 9.9x10-5 Torr. It does not mean that the chamber is guaranteed to reach every level within that range.

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Medical Grade Vacuum Chambers

These vacuum chambers are designed to be a rugged unit in research, testing or production. Some of our customers find this to be a practical size for use in vacuum degassing of liquids, plastics resins, and blood products. This chamber is also used in vacuum drying samples and other materials where temperature and time are critical.

All chambers are vacuum tested to 29.92 inch(Hg) or better (10-4 torr) and should maintain this for its life dependent on seal condition and customer use.

Teflon Hard Coated Vacuum Chamber
Standard Features


Hard Coated Welded Aluminum or 304/316 Stainless Steel

Interior Dimensions:

• Standards -from 4 inch up to 24 inch diameter and 24 inch deep
• Need a Smaller chamber? See our econo chamber
• Need a Larger chamber? See our big chambers
Vacuum:• Down to 29.92 inch(Hg) under dynamic vacuum
• Need a Vacuum Pump? ask us about our oil-less pumps

Included Features:

• Vacuum connection 1/4 inch nptf, located near lower flange
• Unheated
• Vacuum Gauge, Vacuum Break and fittings near top flange, with internal diffuser

Optional Features/Items

• Electronic vacuum cycle timer with manual override
• Stainless Steel Vacuum Gauge, Vacuum Break and fittings near top flange, with internal diffuser
• Heated/cooled shelves for keeping items at a controlled temperature
• Heated to + 200C or cooled to Cryogenic -196C/-320F
• Non-stick coating - Surfaces protected by a #8-403 Teflon coating
• Lights
• Vacuum Regulator
• In vacuum, Rotary Mixing, Vibration/Shaking
• Shelf brackets for Trays or Heated Shelves
• Vacuum pumps and systems 
All stainless valves and fitting are optional
Clear View Top and Bottom Chamber (ABOVE)