Manual Vacuum Break Valves

A wide variety of features are available to improve in vacuum function and handling.

Functional Features

In Vacuum Handling


Additional Options & Features

Figure 1: Powered Press with Passive Plates
Abbess can help you press and/or seal your medical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, and aerospace packaging under vacuum using either seal bar(s) or seal plate(s).
A wobble stick allows movement within a vacuum chamber. Most movements that would typically be done by hand can be done through a wobble stick. For example, in a vacuum under pressure, a wobble stick can move to press a button or rotate an object.
High Density, High Count, Thermocouple Port
For manual tempered venting of UHV/HV systems.
Manual LV Vent to Gas Purge Kit Automated LV Vent to Gas Purge Kit Manual UHV/HV Vent to Gas Purge Kit Automated UHV/HV Vent to Gas Purge Kit
Placed within the chamber (and operated as the coldest element), the cold finger can augment a HV/UHV pumping system improving chamber pumpdown time by attracting outgassing molecules.
Pfeiffer Model HiPace 400 Turbo Molecular Pump with TC400 Integrated Controller
Pfeiffer Model HiPace 80 Turbo Molecular pump with TC110 Integrated Controller    
Pfeiffer Model HiPace 700 Turbo Molecular Pump with TC400 Integrated Controller    
Pfeiffer Model HiPace 1200 Turbo Molecular Pump with TC1200 Integrated Controller
Vacuum hose sizes are determined by the system's pump, size, and capacity.
SMI Filters for vacuum service
An insertion shaft runs through an airlock that allows for powders, liquids and other substances to be added to the vacuum chamber without breaking the vacuum.    
Product selection guide to help you find the best gauge for your outfit
General: For peak output performance from a compressor, blower, vacuum pump, engine, or any other machine that consumes air, one must have clean, unrestricted air.
PTFE non-stick coated rotary table
Turn tables allow customers to rotate a number of products under a dispensing point (please see our liquid feed-thrus) under vacuum conditions.  
Heated Vacuum Drying chamber with built in shelves and customer specified control system.
These vacuum chambers are designed to be rugged production or testing units for each customers' unique requirements.
Rotary Vacuum Feed-Thrus
Provides rotary connection into a vacuum chamber for mixing, pouring, turning, separating, sealing, closeing or handling materials in vacuum.
Puck type Degassing Lights
Take a look at the different lighting options for inside of an Abbess Instruments vacuum chamber.
Chamber Windows
Take a look at the different window options
Vacuum Feedthru in Connector
For electrical connections to samples mounted in vacuum and other applications, BNC, SMA, and others.
Vacuum Pumps and Systems for use with vacuum chambers.
Vacuum Regulator and Vacuum Cycle Controller
Abbess Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC)—This Controller is designed to be a part of our rugged bench top vacuum chambers in production or testing. Some of our customers find this to be a practical solution for using a vacuum chamber in a controlled process to dry products, and degas of parts, liquids, plastics, resins, and epoxies.
For your needs for modern factory, product testing or research systems Read and control all your process variables, easily change products, keep bach records, record, plot and export data files, remotely program or monitor your process. Brings control of the factory floor to your laptop, at a price you can afford.
gas port
The Contamination Control Package will be of greatest interest to our Space Simulation customers, especially those who will be placing actual Space Flight hardware in our chambers – whether in component, subsystem, or full system form.
Compact Oil Mist Exhaust Filters ~ SMI Filters for vacuum service ~ "EF" Series 1/2" - 1 3/4" MPT & Fine Thread
(left) Activated carbon chips and bag (right) Desiccant beads and bag
Whats your vacuum problem:  Water? Odor? Both? We can help solve both problems in the vacuum space.