This vacuum chamber system allows articles under test placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum as well as various temperatures via the heated and cooled Thermal Plate Assembly. A computer with PC touch screen, custom programmed GUI is used to automate ramp and hold temperature control functions and log data to a data file that is Excel-compatible.


Figure 1: Pump Down Performance of Empty Chamber


Figure 2: Pump Down Performance of Empty Chamber

Automated Space Simulation system for 10-6 Torr operation with thermal cycling: The As-Built performance curves shown (Figs: 1 & 2), were obtained at Abbess facilities (188’ elevation).

The automated space simulation system is comprised of:

  • Electropolished SS chamber (36”x36”x36”) & door
  • Chamber Preconditioning and Contamination Control features:
    • Bakeout to 150C
    • Inert gas purge (Fig. 1 above curve was attained WITHOUT activating such purge.) With purge pressures as low a 10-8 Torr can be achieved.
    • RGA port (RGA ordered separately)
  • 24” Au-coated thermal plate
  • Custom process ports, feedthroughs, and expansion ports
  • -80C Cascade refrigeration subsystem (read more about our cascade refrigeration systems)
  • Vacuum pumping subsystem (single Turbo)
  • Computer with PC Touch Screen, Custom Programmed GUI

automated space simulation


Computer/ Process Interface Main Screen