Abbess Analog Vacuum Cycle Control enables basic vacuum process automation for our chamber and multi-chamber systems. These are used in degassing and infusion applications and can be combined with thermal plates and mixing equipment to meet any number of production purposes. The control instrumentation is simple to read and operate and serves well in situations of severe use like manufacturing and volume production and testing. Just a few example of these systems are shown below. Purchase a standard system or contact our sales engineers to have a system customized to meet your needs.

Analog Cycle Controller — Featured Products:

Vacuum Regulator and Vacuum Cycle Controller
Abbess Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC)—This Controller is designed to be a part of our rugged bench top vacuum chambers in production or testing. Some of our customers find this to be a practical solution for using a vacuum chamber in a controlled process to dry products, and degas of parts, liquids, plastics, resins, and epoxies.
Simple Vacuum Filling
Vacuum Liquid Filling (like inks), Encapsulation, Impregnation, Degassing Systems
Vacuum Encapsulation, Impregnation, Degassing System Custom configured to your requirements. 14 and 18 inch cubes complete systems with Rotary, Pouring, liquid Despensing controls, Heat, Rotary Tables and other options